Internet Service

Internet service from Terril Telephone Cooperative features web access with no contracts or data caps. Just fast, affordably priced internet backed by friendly, local support.

Available Packages and Pricing for FTTH residential customers

SpeedMonthly price*
10 Mbps SDSL$45.95
25 Mbps SDSL$65.95
50 Mbps SDSL$85.95

Available Packages and Pricing for rural customers with copper plant service

Download speedMonthly price*
4/1 Mbps $35.95
8/1 Mbps$40.00 (where available)

All pricing effective July 1, 2017

Connection charges for our 3 services:

  • One service: $20.00
  • Two services: $15.00
  • Three Services: FREE

Service notes

  • Technicians are equipped with state of the art equipment that allows for remote support on a customer’s computers.
  • Basic service provides an email address that can be accessed almost anywhere.
  • Our email servers are equipped with SPAM blocking capabilities and customer interactive software that allows customers to control their own email filtering.
  • Connections within our service territory are 100% fiber all the way to the customer’s houses.
  • Please contact the office to learn how you can save with multiple services.
  • For all your computer needs, please call 712-853-6121.

Tech Support

Call 712-853-6121 for Tech Support. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Skitter TV Pricing

Our Skitter TV uses the Internet to deliver a variety of popular channels at a very affordable price of just $31.99 per month, plus tax.

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